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Questions tagged [volleyball]

Questions about the sport of volleyball. Beach volleyball should use the [beach-volleyball] tag.

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Do the official USAV rules for mixed volleyball require all rotations to be same gender?

I am playing in a mixed league, and they state that if a team has more than 6 people, they can use a rotation substitution, but that A player must substitute for the same gender (i.e. men sub for ...
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Volleyball Hitting Stat Clarification

If a hitter hits the ball out-of-bounds, but the opposing blocker is call for net violation before the ball lands out-of-bounds, does the hitter get both an attempt and a hitting error recorded or ...
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Why are the NCAA volleyball seasons for men and women different?

In the NCAA, the women's volleyball season runs from late August/early September until December. The men's volleyball season runs from January to early May. Why the difference? Is it due to the women ...
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How much long-term damage is typical for professional volleyball to do to your hands?

Do most retired players in their twilight ages have especially twitchy hands or lack of motor control with their fingers? Is it known if volleyball can cause this?
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