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Questions about water sports. Questions using this tag should also be tagged with the specific sport(s)/competition(s) in question if possible.

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What would explain the large jumps in performance in the Men's 50m Freestyle Long Course World Records?

I made a graph showing the world record for the Men's 50m freestyle (long course) swimming. I noticed that there were significant performance jumps in 1980 and 2008. Otherwise, the times remain stable ...
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Why do canoers appear to stop paddling in the final few metres of the race?

In this men's C-2 1000m canoe race at Tokyo (2020/2021) Olympics (video provided by NBC Sports), it shows that near 10 meters away from the finish line, it seems that China still leads marginally, ...
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Are there any sports that are meant to be played in the rain?

Is there any sport where rain is either required for the sport or enhances the sport? I'm looking for answers about sports anywhere in the world.
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Legs stops kicking while inhaling air during freestyle swiming

I have newly started learning swimming, major problem which I am facing and my coach informs me is that my legs stops kicking while I am taking breath while doing freestyle swimming. Because of this ...
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Dry Suit Shorts: Do they exist? [closed]

Is it possible to purchase dry shorts/bottoms that keep the water out in a similar way that a dry suit does? Thank you!
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What technique is most efficient for turning a canoe fast?

I recently got involved in canoe racing and I am curious about the most efficient techniques of turning a canoe around a buoy without losing your forward speed.
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Could I use a trialthlon swimming wetsuit for diving?

I am a diver, yet I always rent my wetsuits. I have been thinking of making an investment recently, but I haven't gotten around to it, as in Belgium you need some different thicknesses: 7mm (for sure, ...
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Why is the bottom surface of water skis smooth?

I don't even know if the bottom surface is smooth or not, but in this question I do not ask about a keel or groove on the underside. I ask if it is smooth or is it like a surface of a golf ball. ...
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What are the names of wakeboard tricks that are performed at the corner of the cable?

If you jump right before the rope goes around the corner in a cable wakeboard park so you get cought by the twitch in mid-air, how do you call these tricks? I found none in the glossary.
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