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Questions tagged [weightlifting]

For questions about the sport of weightlifting.

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Why do we not see strong-man athletes competing in olympic weightlifting?

Strong-man is of course filled with quite unique events, but many of its athletes hold world-records in traditional weight-lifting events such as deadlift. Many of the sport's biggest names are in ...
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Why, specifically, is George Asanidze's record not 181kg?

Do the official olympic weightlifting rules really not count 1kg increments? Why? Seems like unit and fractional weights should count.
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2 votes
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Where do the terms "dead lift" and "dead row" come from? [closed]

Dead lifts and dead rows are basic moves we do with weights. I understand "lift" and "row", but why is the word "dead" used as an adjective?
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Why didn't Lu Xiaojun get to lift 177kg at the 2012 London Olympic Games? [closed]

See video here. Why didn't the jury overturn the decision for Lu Xiaojun's attempt at 177kg at the 2012 London Olympic Games when he missed the minute countdown due to a "tactical hiccup"? "......
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Greatest weight ever lifted (with good evidence)

It is widely reported that Paul Anderson lifted 6270lbs in a "backlift", but I have never seen a photo of this event and it seems that perhaps the story is exaggerated. So my question is, ...
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What is failed attempts in weightlifting?

In this photo (source), Hidilyn Diaz and Chinshanlo Zulfiya had failed attempts. And Liao had a score of 97 (successful attempt) in her 3rd snatch, and Diaz had 99 score but failed attempt. I guess my ...
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Is there a reason for "one set full out" strategy during deadlift for reps event in strongman competitions?

I have seen a few records of "deadlift for reps" event in various strongman competitions and it seems that they do an all-out first set quite often, no matter how much time left till time ...
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What were the results of the 2012 European Junior Weightlifting Championships 85kg A Class?

I'm looking for the list of names and scores for the competitors in the 2012 European Junior Weightlifting Championships 85kg A Class I managed to reverse ...
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