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Basketball shooting technique: what makes the ball go forward?

I am learning the technique for making shots in basketball.

How do you make the ball go forward to the hoop?

After following all the advice I found so far, I can shoot beautifully in front of the hoop. When I get further away, for example free throws, the advice falls short.

These are the key points for shooting technique I found so far. What am I missing?

  • Feet shoulder width apart, square to the basket or slightly open, depending on the player.

  • Bend your knees and jump using your legs to give the upward power to the ball.

  • Do not throw the ball with your arm. It will be inconsistent.

  • Land the same place you jumped, make a straight up and down jump.

  • Hold the ball with one hand under and the other on the side to guide the ball.

  • Keep your elbow in and straight below the ball pointing to the ground.

  • As you reach the top of your jump, let your arm extend upward and release the ball at the top. Your wrist should snap or flop, which gives the ball a backward rotation.

  • Shoot the ball with a high angle because that exposes the largest opening of the hoop.

  • End your shot with your arm up and your wrist down like you are reaching for the basket.

I see two possibilities for making the ball go forward.

  1. You push the ball forward with your arm near the top of the jump.
  2. The snapping motion of your arm at the top of the jump works like the serve in tennis where you throw the racket up and when your arm extends it whips forward like a rope.

And if you push the ball forward during your jump, wouldn't you land a little behind where you started?