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Questions about the rules of sports, including regulations for particular competitions or formats. Questions must also be tagged for the specific sport or competition.

on the cage fence, and would be on the ground if it weren't for the cage holding them up, they are also considered grounded. From the Association of Boxing Commissions Unified Rules of MMA, Fouls … statement that suggested a change be made to the rules to allow the referee to consider a fighter still standing in this case, and/or penalize them for timidity. Referees should instruct the …
answered Oct 16 '13 by Ben Miller
In the Biathlon Men's Sprint at Sochi, racers ski three times around a 3.3-kilometer loop, for a total of 10-kilometers. After the first and second loops, they stop to shoot five targets. For each t …
answered Feb 9 '14 by Ben Miller
MLB has clear rules for this circumstance. If the interference by a ball boy is intentional, the ball is declared dead, and the umpire can do whatever thinks he needs to do to nullify the … interference. If it is unintentional, the ball is still alive and in-play. The comments in the official rules also explain what is meant by intentional vs. unintentional actions. It doesn't matter whether …
answered Nov 25 '13 by Ben Miller
Any player that is in the Top 30 in the ATP Rankings from the previous year is considered a Commitment Player for the current year. From the 2013 ATP Official Rulebook, I. ATP Circuit Regulations, 1. …
answered Oct 16 '13 by Ben Miller

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