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Questions about the sport of cricket.

Yes, many bowlers at starting carrier bowl with very low pace in cricket club matches. After putting too much efforts and daily practices made them speedy/pacer bowler. One example is like Wahab Riaz … Pakistani player (left hand fast bowler)in the beginning bowl with average of 120 to 130 Kph. After polishing them self ,bowl with 140 to 150 kph in international matches. Reference: …
answered Nov 22 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
the relative humidity in the ambient air is nearly 100%. and James, MacDonald and Hart2: It is clear that humidity remains a perplexing issue with regards to cricket ball swing. Similar to many … discussions with various world class cricket players on this topic including England’s Andrew Flintoff. It is apparent that contrary to what is debated in the scientific literature, these players believe …
answered Nov 30 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
AUSTRALIAN cricketer "Shaun Tait", during the 5th ODI at "Lord's" cricket ground , "London",3 jul 2010 with the speed of 161.1km/h. so there is slightly speed difference but still Shoaib Akhter is fastest bowler in cricket history. …
answered Nov 7 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
No prerequisite of playing international cricket matches. A former PAKISTANI coach Richard have no experience of international cricket ,but having very peachy, satisfactory and quality coaching … . REFERENCE: Qualification: must be enough education to communicate in English language to players easily. …
answered Nov 15 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
Any movement a batsman makes just prior to the bowler releasing the ball is known to cricket coaches as a pre delivery movement or to players more commonly as trigger movements. Throughout history …
answered Nov 29 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
I totally agree with you . Cricket has no age limit for retirement. A player can retire at the earliest of his/her career or go as long as his/her body supports.For example, Australian player George …
answered Nov 22 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
Its seems to be very easy/smooth/effortless but arduous to deliver like Saqlain Mushtaq . But not impossible required more effort and skill(practice). Hold the ball like a fast bowler normally would, …
answered Nov 22 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
its not out ,possible only when ball hits glove of batsman while hand is in contact with bad . Reference: …
answered Nov 28 '18 by Aqib Mehmood
Generally, many persons confused about Dosra and Carom ball ,both deliveries are deliver by the use of off-spine,and both of these deliveries looks like leg spin, turning from leg to offside. Usually …
answered Nov 24 '18 by Aqib Mehmood