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Questions related to Major League Baseball (MLB).

to play. A major theme was that the game was irrelevant, and so why would anyone try particularly hard, particularly the manager? Additionally, Bud Selig (then the MLB commissioner) was at the game … game, other than sending a single player as all teams did). As a result, the pressure caused Selig and the MLB executives to change the rules so that in 2003 (and hence), the winning league in the All …
answered May 26 '15 by Joe
According to Baseball Reference, in 2016 there were 127 plate appearances containing sacrifice Bunt Attempts at-bats with 3rd base occupied and 1 out (precisely). Of those 127, 61 RBIs were recorded …
answered Oct 17 '16 by Joe
The owners would implement a salary cap in a New York Minute if they had the opportunity. The players, however, would not agree, and because MLB is so successful monetarily even without one, and … also has one of the most powerful players unions, the owners don't have the power to force it on them. It's not hard to find articles about how the MLB owners would like a salary cap and the MLBPA …
answered May 18 '15 by Joe
Likely, the Houston Texans game Thursday night was the reason. That game stated at 8:25 ET, and while baseball games usually take three hours or so, most likely they wanted a bit of extra time to ens …
answered Oct 12 '15 by Joe
I don't have time to look up specific statistics right now, but will edit them in when I do. However, the general details around this: This will vary by team, in particular based on the financial co …
answered Oct 29 '14 by Joe
This isn't exactly an accurate question. MLB starting pitchers are generally suspended for 5 games at a minimum, which is intended to mimic being suspended for a start. While it doesn't exactly …
answered Nov 10 '14 by Joe
All Major league baseball players are paid at a daily rate equivalent to their annual salary; that daily rate is calculated based on the Championship Season, which is defined as the time from Opening …
answered Aug 12 '15 by Joe
There is no language in the CBA preventing a player from signing with a team after an option is not exercised. A few examples of this: Adam Laroche in 2013 declined his half of a mutual option, a …
answered Sep 27 '17 by Joe
experience). You can read the MLB Official Rules: Scorer for more details on the specifics. Holds aren't an official stat at that level, but the rules for holds are generally the same as for a save (except that the pitcher must not have been the last pitcher in the game). …
answered Jul 23 '15 by Joe
On your first point: Fangraphs certainly agrees with you that old metrics seem to dominate. There are no hard and fast rules about which stats are presentable, though; it's solely due to who is heari …
answered Aug 15 '14 by Joe
In the process of answering Brett's question, I found a slightly better answer for this one. In the MLB Rulebook, rule 7.01 (Regulation Games), there is an approved ruling specifically relevant here …
answered Aug 10 '15 by Joe
Yes, the fielder gets credited with a putout. Per the MLB rulebook, 9.09(a): (a) The official scorer shall credit a putout to each fielder who (1) catches a ball that is in flight …
answered Oct 28 '15 by Joe
Currently*, there's nothing special about intentional base-on-balls in the MLB rules, except for noting that catchers must stand in the catcher's box during them or a balk is called (4.03a,8.05j …
answered Oct 15 '14 by Joe
play that occurred (the third baseman or shortstop fielding the ball some distance from the bag, and choosing not to tag the bag) occurs regularly in MLB, often because the fielder could not reach … the bag in time, or because he believes he could start a double play 2nd-1st but could not start a 3rd-1st double play. Runners overtaking comes up occasionally in the MLB particularly on pop flies to …
answered Aug 17 '14 by Joe