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Questions about the rules of sports, including regulations for particular competitions or formats. Questions must also be tagged for the specific sport or competition.

There are two ways to approach this question: What the rules permit for your weight class What your training instructor recommend The World Muay Thai Council's rules state in section 3.3: 3.3 … the gloves of ten (10) ounces (284 grams). The USMTA also uses rules listed above, with this addendum for section 3.2: Gloves at 12 oz, 14oz, 16oz, 18oz can be used for higher weights …
answered Oct 23 '17 by JW8
From the MLB rule book, the rule states: Determining rookie status: A player shall be considered a rookie unless, during a previous season or seasons, he has (a) exceeded 130 at-bats or 50 …
asked Aug 21 '12 by JW8
receive a forward pass during a play from scrimmage. There are several reasons for the ineligible receiver rules. In my opinion, here are some possible reasons: Defensive parity: The offense … already has many advantages over the defense - knowing where the play is going, rules to prevent injuries to offensive players, etc. Defining a set number of offensive players that are allowed to receive …
answered Aug 10 '12 by JW8
There's also some additional information regarding traveling in the 2011-12 NBA Rulebook: Section XIII—Traveling a. A player who receives the ball while standing still may pivot, using eith …
answered May 1 '12 by JW8
According to one page discussing legal and illegal volleyball hits: Recently Updated Rules Contacting the ball with any part of the body below the waist used to be illegal … you or hold you back from touching the net or crossing the center line. According to another site, volleyball rules state: The volleyball may touch any part of the body. Finally, from the …
answered Apr 25 '12 by JW8
FIFA's Law 5 from the Laws of the Game 2011-12 notes: Decisions of the referee The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored a …
answered Apr 5 '12 by JW8
According to the Tennis for Dummies cheatsheet: When tennis players win six games each, they generally play a tiebreaker to decide the winner of the set. (Tennis rules governing tiebreakers …
answered Mar 27 '12 by JW8
According to this 2009 NY Times article about defensive indifference: Defensive indifference is exactly what it connotes: a situation when a team was unconcerned about preventing the runner from …
answered Mar 23 '12 by JW8
For teams with multiple first round draft picks, what are the rules defining which first round draft pick that a team would need to give up if it signs a restricted free agent (RFA) that have the … rules right, a successful bid on Wallace would force the Browns to give up their selection — the fourth overall pick — and not the 22nd overall pick they received from the Falcons as part of the …
asked Mar 13 '12 by JW8
At the high school level, my local district limited an athlete to four events in one track and field meet. Famous sprinters like Carl Lewis have won four gold medals in one meet and other track and fi …
asked Feb 29 '12 by JW8
earlier. Exception—National Service Academies. However, teams are limited in the number of players that can be suited up for each game - these rules are set up by conferences: Many Conferences such … as the Big 10, ACC and others have set conference travel limits to 72 players While the WAC limits its travel squads to 64. The NCAA Football Playing Rules do not address this issue as it is …
answered Feb 25 '12 by JW8
I recall that Don Mattingly was forced to remove his pitcher due to two mound meetings in an inning. I've read articles that indicate that a limit was placed on manager-led mound meetings to speed up …
asked Feb 14 '12 by JW8
From the NHL rulebook: 61.1 Slashing - Slashing is the act of a player swinging his stick at an opponent, whether contact is made or not. Non-aggressive stick contact to the pant or front of the …
asked Feb 14 '12 by JW8
rules now updated to state: A player who receives the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble, may take two steps in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball. Since it … appears that FIBA rules seem to be similar to those of the NCAA used in the Olympics, does this change in rule enforcement affect the play of NBA stars in the Olympics and other international competition? …
asked Feb 9 '12 by JW8
According to Wikipedia, the NBA allowed zone defenses starting in the 2001-2002 season: The NBA currently permits the use of zones; however, teams generally do not use them as a primary defensiv …
answered Feb 9 '12 by JW8

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