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What kind of winter clothing will allow me to feel hits while still keeping me warm in outdoors arena

When I used to airsoft in cold weather instead of a beanie I would wear a facemask. One that looks like you're robbing a bank. I used to wear this same facemask for when I went snowboarding. A lot of ...
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Questions about fps for airsoft

It depends on who you ask, but you're looking at a consensus minimum engagement distance (MED) of around 15 metres and recommended engagement distance (RED) of around 20 metres, and in semi-auto mode ...
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How does 'airbreak' work on airsoft guns?

The airframe works by creating a cushion of air between the piston head which is powered forward by the main cylinder spring and the cylinder head. This reduces the impact of the two surfaces ...
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Can the shot speed of an airsoft sniper rifle be reduced without cutting the spring?

Yes, you can change the speed, there are a few ways to do this. You can change the weight of the BBs you use. The heavier the BB, the lower the speed. Please keep in mind most fields do not measure ...
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How can I wire a crane stock battery to a PEQ box?

100% buy a smaller battery, to rewrite the gun you will have to take apart the entire gun, including the gearbox and reorganize it, not to mention some guns don't have the proper holes to rout the ...
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Can I safely use tracers with precision barrel?

Technically precision barrels do not require high quality BBs. They require BBs that are spherical in shape and smaller than the bore diameter. There is nothing wrong with low cost or low quality BBs ...
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Diagnosing a gun leaking gas

In my experience that is mostly likely a Nozzle issue. One way to tell if your mag is leaking; Fill your mag up all the way then stick it in a bowl of water. If no bubbles start emerging from the mag ...
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