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It's hard to prove a negative, but neither the Laws, nor the Instructions to Technical Officials, nor the BWF umpire manuals mention any right of the umpire to refuse a challenge. The only limitation on challenges follows from §5.8.5 ITTO: (...) The player must clearly say ‘Challenge’ to the Umpire and/or make a clear signal by raising the hand. Any such ...


Given below is the rolling ankle injury I want to talk about. The simplest solution would be to warm up rolling your ankle before play in a similar motion as given below. You are also advised to record on video your plays so as to catch the moment on tape for further analysis. It is indeed too much of asking but with a bit of planning it is possible and the ...


Per the BWF Laws of Badminton, it is not legal. It shall be a ‘fault’: 13.3 if in play, the shuttle: 13.3.2 fails to pass over the net;

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