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I understand this thread was posted 5 years prior to my comment today; However here's an update for the stat fueled nerds amongst you; as of March 2020 both the lowest Test and ODI scores still stand at: 229 and 155 respectively. Since 2017 the former record of 92 has been achieved in T20I matches 4 times, the new lowest remaining score is 108! (Followed ...


Malinga's 4 wickets came across 2 overs. Chaminda Vaas, however, took 4 wickets in an over against Bangladesh, including a hat-trick off the first 3 balls. The 4th wicket came off the 5th ball.


As you mentioned, the ball is called dead ball and the bowler is asked to bowl again.


No. He can't be dismissed out here as the intention of the Batsman was to collect his bat.

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