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Would this baseball defense work?

Your recollection is wrong, at least under MLB rules. Quoting from the Official MLB rules, page 144: A FOUL BALL is a batted ball that [...] while on or over foul territory, touches the person of ...
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Defense against an isolation play

One team I played on--which won UPA collegiate back when I wasn't a geezer--practiced defending them thusly: Forces must be absolute. Nobody breaks force. Ever. Man-defender faces iso-player and ...
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What is the difference between a strong safety and a free safety?

Generally, your right but it really depends on how the Defense was constructed. As the FS, they must have ball skills and coverage skills while having the ability to disguise their coverage. QB often ...
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Why are WR in the slot covered by non-CBs in American football?

First lets make sure that most reading this get the general "standard" football formation on offense and defense, set up across from each other here (from ...
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Would the offensive line lying down at the snap be an effective trick play in American football?

No No that is just crazy. If your offensive line laid down that might be the last snap your QB plays. When my oldest son was playing pee-wee football he was so fast and low off the ball (smallest ...
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Statistical Indicators for Defensive Forward

The biggest statistical indicators of a defensive forward in the NHL are going to be some new advanced "fancy stats" that have been taking the NHL by storm recently. The two main ones for players are ...
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Would the offensive line lying down at the snap be an effective trick play in American football?

Allowing defensive lines through easily is a way to use their own aggressiveness against them. It's a common way to start a screen pass play. Or you could take it to an extreme and not even attempt a ...
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