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The values come from the FINA Table of Degrees of Difficulty* The tables are a matrix that combine the direction and number of any spins and twists, with the shape that is held during the dive. As you can see, a Forward 3½ Somersault combined with a Pike results in a 3.1 difficulty coefficient. * The link provided is for the 1m and 3m springboards. For 5m, ...


My tri suit is 3 years old and I have already poked holes into it with my fingers when pulling it up and into place. The material is definitely softer and will probably not sustain a belt and tanks on your back. The outside of a tri suit is soft and porous. The 2nd link in your question takes me to surf suites, though, and I remember from my windsurfing ...


Wikipedia seems to have reliable information: Diving from 10 m and maintaining a downward streamlined position results in gliding to a stop at about 4.5 – 5m.


It would appear that what you're talking about is a Shammy, or aqua towel. Aqua towels are super absorbent towels that wick water away from divers' bodies. Divers use aqua towels because they are able to wring water out of them quickly, dive, and then use it again, because nobody likes drying off with a wet, damp, cold towel! BEFORE the dive, Swimmers will ...

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