Questions related to the Europa League, the second highest annual association football club competition in Europe.

The UEFA Europa League, previously called the UEFA Cup, is an annual association football club competition organized by UEFA since 1971 for eligible European football clubs. Clubs qualify for the competition based on their performance in their national leagues and cup competitions. It is the second highest club competition organized by UEFA, after the Champions League.

Usage guidance

Mark the question with this tag if it's about the UEFA Europa League (called UEFA Cup prior to 2009), its qualification stage and criteria, final tournament, statistics, history, regulations etc. Don't use this tag just because a match mentioned in the question was played under this competition.

Additionally, you can tag the question with tag, if it asks/involves/implies UEFA's perspective on the matter. However, automatically tagging any question using this tag together with tag is tolerated.

Questions using this tag should also use the tag.

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