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What is the complete definition of encroachment at a penalty kick

Law 14.1 only specifies the location of other players as follows. The players other than the kicker and goalkeeper must be: at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark behind the penalty mark ...
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Can a goalkeeper be guilty of DOGSO via a six-second-rule offence?

You are unfortunately following in the footsteps of many spectators, fans, and even players, and not just in football. Stop overthinking it. The laws are clear enough: "being in control of the ...
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When a town is upgraded to a city, do football clubs in that town change their names?

The best example here is almost certainly Swansea City, who were founded as Swansea Town in 1912, but then did change to the Swansea City name in 1969 as Swansea was upgraded to a city. Chelmsford ...
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