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If there is a '1' in the team name, it means that the club was the first club in that city. If there are 2 numbers in the team name, it means that the club was founded in that year. Ex: Schalke 04 (Founded in 1904) Hannover 96 (Founded in 1896)


There are several players who have scored over 300 goals in top flight league. In the current scenario they they are: 1. Cristiano Ronaldo (442 goals) 2. Lionel Messi (440 goals) 3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (372 goals) There are other players like Gerd Muller, Jimmy Graves, Pele and Bican. It's very unfair of people not counting the Brazilian leagues as the ...


According to IFAB's Laws of the Game 2019/20 The goal should not be allowed if: Law 11 2. Offside offence ... Interfering with an opponent by: • preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or • challenging an opponent for the ball or • clearly attempting to play a ...

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