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Per an SI article, Len Barker did not allow three balls to anyone in his 1981 perfect game. He struck out 11 batters—all swinging—and didn't go to a single three-ball count. Only eight Toronto batters got as much as a two-ball count.


It could happen next year tho, cuz the NFC west looks loaded right now, i think next year itll be seahawks 13-3 49ers 12-4 Rams 10-6 cardinals 9-7


Your fact finding of it taking place in Anaheim is correct based on announcers. I think it is safe to assume based on uniform colors that the team on the far side is the Ducks. They featured a light color top home jersey at that time. Placing an identification on the opposing team is more difficult given video quality. Based on this schedule, it would ...

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