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Is it confirmed that Mitchell Starc and Chris Lynn will not play In IPL 2018?

As it seems Chris Lynn will play in IPL 2018. From News18 article, Kolkata: A fit-again Chris Lynn was seen batting in full flow along with Sunil Narine as two-time former champions Kolkata Knight ...
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Most Man of the match Awards in IPL

According to Wikipedia's List of Indian Premier League records and statistics, Chris Gayle has the most MOM awards, at 17. See the "Miscellaneous records" section.
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Rules for Orange and Purple Caps in IPL

If more than one player has equal stats (highest runs or wickets), what will they do? If some batsmen have same stat then the orange cap holder is the man which played least balls or highest strike ...
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Is being a bigger country in terms of population one of the main reasons India is consistently among top cricket teams?

Not really. As you yourself have noted, the correlation between population and sporting success is fairly weak. China have never been very good at cricket, whereas Australia and New Zealand have ...
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Cap colour in IPL

I see two questions here: What caps would he be given if he's both the highest wicket taker and the leading run scorer? According to the rules, both the caps would be awarded to the player, ...
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Why IPL 2020 arranged with zero audience but Dettol ODI series with audience?

This isn't really a sports question; the two tournaments were played in different countries at different times, and the governments of the UAE and Australia set different rules. Some countries (...
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Fair Play award and team performances in IPL

No, this is obviously not the case. Of the 58 final points table positions after pool play in the IPL seasons 2012-2018, only twelve (12) matched the fair play rank for that team, and only three of ...
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How does Rediff calculate MVPI (Most valuable player index) for IPL?

Check for the source The Most Valuable Player Index (MVPI) picks out batsmen who score a lot of runs at a high strike rate, bowlers who take a lot of wickets at a low economy rate, and fielders who ...
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