If the puck goes into the net, it is waved off as no goal, since a player can't propel the puck into the net with anything but their stick. It doesn't matter if the goalie touches it on its way in, as long as control of the puck isn't gained by anyone. Note that if it merely deflects off the player's glove and in, that's a good goal. If it doesn't go in ...


I agree with the basic premise that any skate can be baked. That is a different question from whether or not any particular pair of skates should be baked. Among my team and league mates, those who have baked skates designed to be baked have been pleased with the results. The two who baked skates not designed to be baked were not as pleased with the results....


Check your wheels for flat spots. Flat spots make your wheels wobble in turns. Check if any bearings are broken or close to be worn out. Check if the screws of your wheels need replacement or aren't fully screwed in. Check if your wheels have spacers or need replacement. Check if the frame is in a bad condition or is at least properly attached.

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