To string a V pocket is pretty simple. All you need to do is thread the shooting string above your pocket in a V or U shape. This will give your stick more ball control. To get more whip you need to tighten your shooting strings.


Lacrosse ranks below soccer in concussion rates. The helmet is basically there so you don't get whacked with a stick - which I do not think could cause concussions at full full force (these stick are very light and literally will bend if it is that hard). Basically if there are concussions in lacrosse it is either from clumsiness/uncoordinated kid, ...


The most common injury in lacrosse by far is concussions, and it's actually the second sport behind football to have the most concussions. Don't get fooled if the women have less gear that just means they get injured easier. This article will help you. It involves a study comparing the injuries of men's lacrosse vs. women's lacrosse. The women's main ...

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