I've been riding for 5-6 years now and skating for longer, and I tried the same thing about 2 years into it. I found that the switch took a while to get used to, but once I had the muscle memory I could switch flawlessly. What I did, as silly as it sounds, was look in a mirror while standing on my board and looked at my stance. I analyzed the key points in ...


If its truly a cramp, then the issue is probably not related to the way you're standing on the board. Cramps are often caused by: dehydration performing a foreign activity muscle fatigue poor conditioning etc Your best bet is to increase your water intake and continue boarding. If after a few weeks the cramps persist, then you may need to see a doctor ...


Yes - they can be used. The bearing size is generally the same (with some exceptions, but those are always flagged up as such) All you need is a wrench/spanner or pliers. Undo the axle bolts holding on the existing wheels Slip the old wheels off Slip the new wheels on Tighten up the bolts Enjoy.


Double hitch trucks are used in competitive longboarding (yes there is such a thing). They give the board a larger turn range, giving the rider the ability to make hairpin turns at higher speeds than your standard Thunder trucks. I only know them by that name but I imagine every company has their own name for them. Those are high quality trucks.


What I do is I make sure my peddling motion is one fluid motion and I avoid stomping my foot or heel on the ground to reduce shock. You can take ibuprofen, ice your ankles, elevate your ankles and also wear high top footwear with cushioning, this will give your ankles added support and make pushing and balancing less strenuous on your tendons and heels

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