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Suspension of Substitution rule in football match

In official competitions, three substitues may be used. Anywhere from three to twelve may be nominated, depending on the competition rules. In international friendlies between two top (ie. not under ...
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Why is MLS having 9AM matches?

From this ESPN article, the reason for the weird times (9am, 8pm, 10:30pm) is to avoid the heat: The kickoff times are weird. Why is that? At first glance, the schedule certainly seems bizarre. The ...
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What are the sports facilities at the Orlando Disney World?

Disney World Orlando, whilst being renowned as every kids' favourite theme park, is also home to the ESPN Wide World of Sport Complex This complex includes sporting facilities such as: The Arena - an ...
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Upper limit of unsuccessful appeals against suspensions

Yes, MLS teams can not make any appeals once their upper limit for appeals expires. From article, The team is only allowed two unsuccessful appeals a season, and as a deterrent ...
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Suspension of Substitution rule in football match

The number of substitutions allowed during a friendly varies a lot,depending on the type of the friendly match. For example during a official friendly match for international teams there is a max of 6 ...
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Why were MLS-style tiebreakers discontinued?

According to The New York Times article published in 1999, "M.L.S. Is Making Changes": M.L.S. Commissioner Don Garber said yesterday that "the changes were made to comply with the wishes of the ...
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In American soccer, why is it that the women’s soccer league clubs are not allowed to implement the ‘Designated Player Rule’?

Because of the difference between the leagues. MLS is a second-tier league. The big names of men's football play in Europe, or very occasionally in South America. The only way that MLS can attract ...
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Dimensions of soccer pitch

The size of the picth is not evenly in every field. There are maximum and minimun size. Law 1 told us about it: Dimensions The touchline must be longer than the goal-line. Length (touchline): ...
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