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NFL incentive bonuses are split into two categories, likely to be earned (LTBE) and other. Likely to be earned is based on previous years and count immediately towards the cap, so if you have a 100K 10 sack bonus, if you had 10 sacks last year, the team is charged 100K on their cap for the bonus. If you don't achieve a LTBE bonus, the team gets a credit for ...


Any personal foul is an automatic first down. This is an NFL rule and not necessarily applicable to lower levels. On a tangent - you are right it doesn't make sense. So you have misconduct personal fouls like a flagrant face mask, late hit, spearing, hitting a defenseless WR with helmet or whatever. These are all 15 yards. It is also ...


Using equipment to pressure the face or neck is hands to the face. It is quite common to see a defensive lineman get a hands to the face penalty when hitting the players neck. The other option the ref has is to give him a misconduct which is 15. Also both lines can hold the shoulder pads in the front chest area. I don't think you can find this in a ...


I understand what others are saying about the kickoff being an "opportunity of possession", but in my personal opinion--NOT SO MUCH. That is not what I would consider to be any kind of a NORMAL, EQUITABLE opportunity. How does the kicking team actually gain POSSESSION of the ball, resulting in a fresh set of downs for that team's offense? By kicking off ...


A five-yard penalty against the defense for illegal hands to the face is an automatic first down. What distance the offence previously needed for the next set is irrelevant. They are granted a new first-and-ten from whatever position they obtain after the penalty is applied.

1 is generally the big name for NFL broadcast maps. They're most known for finding out what your US local TV station is airing, but their maps also shows who they think the scheduled announcers are.

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