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It's not an award like the MVP, or Walter Payton. It's a gimmick award from the Nickelodeon network, voted by the fans.


When a player retires while under contract, a team can add them to the Reserve/Retired List, in which case the contract progression pauses, and would resume if the player unretires. Also, a player who retires before training camp begins cannot play for another team that season. It appears Weddle signed a two-year contract with the Rams in 2019, and then ...


Raiders with 4 in 2021/22 The last one was against the Los Angeles chargers. Winner advanced to the playoffs


No. "Victory" means winning, not tying. The strength of victory counts only the actual victories, where the team won. The NFL tiebreaker procedures do not list any alternative definition or calculation for this, so it can be assumed to have the simplest form possible: the combined record of teams beaten, expressed as a winning percentage. This ...


Per Uni-watch and a Twitter video, the nameplate (which was probably not sewn on) was coming loose during the game. During a play, a Kansas City player (Chris Jones) grabbed it during an attempted tackle and it was removed from the jersey.


I'm not sure prevention is necessary. Generally at the end of the year you have two or three teams in a "race to the bottom". But such teams have a strong motivation not to lose: Teams are very competitive by nature. No one enjoys losing. Coaches with poorly-performing teams risk being fired. Winning improves their prospects. For players in this ...

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