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How often do people in the golf tournament crowds get seriously hurt or killed by errant golf shots?

Some internet sleuthing led me to this article from 2010 wherein the author has listed cases where being struck by a golf ball led to a fatality. The author's research has provided 8 instances of ...
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What does this number mean in PGA Tournament scores?

The 1 means they have completed 1 hole. The 17 meant they had completed 17 holes. Once you finish, they show the total score for that round. This image illustrates it. The first number is the players ...
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What did Phil Mickelson say about the PGA?

The issue isn't so much what Mickelson said about the PGA (everybody knows it's a business), but how he is/was prepared to abandon any sense of ethics in order to make money. The damning comments came ...
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When did the TOUR Championship stop finishing on a par-3?

The 18th hole became the 9th hole since the 2016 TOUR Championship to accommodate a stretch of holes that will be more dramatic, unpredictable, and exciting than its previous setup. “East Lake Golf ...
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Why are golfers allowed to participate in both the Senior's and regular PGA tournaments?

Same reason people can play in PGA and European Tour events, its just a different tour. In order to stay on the PGA you need to earn a minimum number of points in a season, so some seniors will pick ...
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Does "Strokes Gained: Tee-to-Green" objectify tee-to-green performance?

In theory, there is no reason why the definition of SGputting cannot be extended to the entire hole. So given the definition on the green that The average number of putts used to hole out from 7 feet ...
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