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Team officials are cautioned and dismissed (receive yellow and red cards) (in law as of 2019-20) largely for inappropriate behaviour or interference with the game or mistreatment of other people. There is no further specifications of who exactly can be a team official other than that they are, by definition, [a]ny non-player listed on the official team ...


According to rule L.21 of the current Premier League Handbook: At least 75 minutes before the time fixed for the kick-off of a League Match, a representative of each participating Club shall submit a team sheet by such method as approved by the Board containing the following particulars: the shirt numbers and names of its Players (including ...


The whistle was not blown, at all. Play was never stopped. No player was penalised for offside. There was never a free kick. Alisson played the ball legally to Salah in the same way he and every other goalkeeper does regularly.


If a player misses any base, it is up to the fielding team to appeal the call to the umpires. If an umpire sees a player miss a base, they do not call them out, it is up to the opposing team to appeal, by stepping on the base while holding the ball, or tagging the player. If the appeal is successful, the runner will be called out and the run will be ...

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