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Is it a technical foul to throw the basketball underhand against the wall in disgust with yourself

This is covered by section A5-d3 of the rules: Overt actions indicating resentment to a call or no-call. In your case, the referee sees this attitude as an (anger/frustration?) unsportsmanlike act.
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Are you allowed to neck stall all the way to the goal?

There's no specific rule against it, but I suspect it would be covered by Laws 12.2 and/or 12.3 of the Laws of the Game. These can be found on pages 54-56 of the linked PDF. Law 12.2 states that ...
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Sinking cue ball after the 8 ball in pool

IBA rules : loss of game A shooter loses the game if he commits any of the following infractions: ... Cue ball scratches or is a “jumped ball” while shooting the 8-ball. UPA Tour rules : loss of ...
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Can you juggle the ball then punt it at a goalkick

No. Law 16.2 is as clear as it can be on this: If, after the ball is in play, the kicker touches the ball again before it has touched another player, an indirect free kick is awarded
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