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When do you cross the finish line in Alpine Skiing - when your skis cross or when your head crosses?

It does appear that the timing specifications for cross-country and alpine are slightly different. My understanding is that photo finish systems (line-scan camera system) are currently only used as ...
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Reason for only national teams in some Olympic sports

This comes down to money more than anything else. Winter sports are typically funded by national organisations, who understandably fund their national athletes. To a very real extent, this is because ...
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How do you choose the next Alpine Skiing Slalom's gate?

Also in slalom skiiers has to pass alternatively in red gate then blue gate. In every speciality skiiers make inspections (mostly with thier trainers) before the races to check and study the ...
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Are the hole patterns on cross-country skis standardised?

The three screw holes for the toe section of NN (3-pin), NNN (not NNN-NIS) and SNS bindings match up, but as stated earlier here above, the balance of the ski will be affected when switching from one ...
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What іs a suіt vіolatіon? How do they provide advantages?

Basically, the suits can provide buoyancy and aerodynamic advantage - ie, they help the ski jumpers stay in the air longer. This CBS News article goes into some detail. For example: According to ...
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Why do skiers use poles in slalom and downhill?

The key thing poles are used for in downhill is the launch through the gate. But poles also provide balance, and help them keep or get out of trouble.
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How is the scoring determined in Winter Olympic Sports?

Each discipline has their own scoring system. Since wind has a huge impact on the performance of ski jumpers it has been added as scoring criteria as well as the gate the jumpers start from. This is ...
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What is the maximum advantage from first to last qualified in a FIS slalom first half?

As far as I can tell, there is no such limit. The official Rules for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup define only: 3.6 Limitation for SL / GS / DH in 2 runs Limitation for the 2nd run (Slalom / ...
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What length of skis for slalom?

It is vey difficult to anser withou knowing your "style" and your weight. I try to give you general info: This ski size from Atomic brand shows that ski size for slalom race should be shorter than ...
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Which nation has the most men's wins in a single Alpine Skiing World Cup season?

Norway hits 19 wins this morning (March 12th, 2016) in Kvitfjell (Nor). It's now the new standard. And the season isn't over yet !! Heia Norge !!
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Is the classic alpine combined used as a skiing discipline or now all drive super combined?

Looking at the result pages linked: Kitzbuehel Wengen There are only two runs in each of these events, and the total time is about expected for one short downhill and one slalom, which suggests it ...
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How to change cross country ski bindings

Salomon (and others?), as of 2016, makes NNN compatible bindings (and boots) under the "ProLink" name in addition to their SNS offerings. I believe that ProLink bindings have the same mounting screw ...
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