Questions about the sport of squash.

Squash is a racquet-and-ball sport typically played by two people in an enclosed, walled court similar to a racquetball court. Squash racquets are typically long on overall length, and used to be shaped much like badminton racquets (only sturdier), but are now more like racquetball rackets, oblong to triangular in shape only longer than a standard racquetball racquet. Squash balls are also similar to racquetballs but come in a wide variety of compounds and thicknesses that govern the amount of bounce the ball has; different standards are used at different levels of play.

The court is slightly shorter from front to back than a regulation racquetball court, and additionally has lines painted on the walls indicating "out of bounds"; unlike racquetball where any part of any surface except the ceiling can be played off of, if the ball lands above (or in the case of the bottom line on the front wall, below) any "out" line, the "rally" is over and is won by the player or side that didn't hit the ball last.

Play is otherwise much like racquetball; the ball may hit, and be played off of, any in-bounds area of any wall including the back wall. The ball may only bounce on the floor once between being hit by alternating players' racquets, it may not be hit by the same player or side twice in a row, and it may not hit the floor between being hit by a racquet and hitting the front wall. If any of these happen, the rally is won by the player or side that last played the ball successfully (from their racquet to the front wall without bouncing off the floor or out of bounds).

The original scoring system was similar to traditional volleyball scoring, where points were awarded only to the team that served the ball and won the rally; in modern scoring, just as in volleyball, a point is now awarded to the side that wins a rally regardless of whether that side served that rally. Games are played to 11 points, with the victor required to win by two points.