In my view, aiming for "killer" shots is a mistake. You have the advantage in every neutral-game scenario except one: her targeting your backhand with her forehand. Hence you should focus on constructing the point better instead of hitting through her. I think the best approach is to focus on the neutral game and rally to her backhand. If all she does is ...


The reason why no one for Texas Tech was in the free throw lane was probably because they had a lead with 22.5 seconds left. Instead of potentially getting the rebound (3v4), they decided to implement a more defensive strategy. In this picture, all 5 Virginia players are on the right side of the court, so Texas Tech had 3 players back on their own basket to ...


One other situation where you should certainly attempt the run back is during an extra point attempt. Whatever happens, the next play is a kick off so you are not risking bad field position so, in essence there is nothing to lose and everything (well 2 points and some brownie points) to gain.


Since you hit high topspin balls, try to make your opponent run around. I.e. hit the ball where your opponent isn’t, and try to force errors out of her. Take advantage of her attacking shots, and hit back deep balls. Like @Arrow said, focus on the neutral game.

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