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What happens if a suspended player is used in match and the referee didn't notice

Different competitions have different suspension rules. However, in most major competitions, it is not the job of the referee to check for eligibility of the players in a team's lineup. That job is ...
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What happens if a suspended player is used in match and the referee didn't notice

The opposing team can ask to replay the match or the victory 3-0 by forfeit. e.g. match results assigned by forfeit: Celtic - Legia (6 ago 2014) 27 june 2002 Here from the UEFA Disciplinary ...
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Will Antonio Valencia get suspensions after being sent off in a friendly match?

This manchestereveningnews article states that Valencia will not serve a suspension for his red card. With the help of same article, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes served three-match ban for being ...
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What if an entire team is suspended for amassing 2 yellow cards each?

Under the IFAB Law 3.1 - Number of players: A match may not start or continue if either team has fewer than seven players. So only 17 players would need to amass 2 yellow cards in order to forfeit ...
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What happens if a suspended player is used in match and the referee didn't notice

According to the Brazilian Code for Sports (CBJD, link in Portuguese), rule 214, the team that used the suspended player is punished with the loss of any points obtained in the specific game, in ...
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Can the referee give a red card for an incident that happens after the end of a match?

Yes, definitely. Referees can take action as long as they are still on the pitch after the game has ended. This is covered in Law 5: The Referee [The referee] has the authority to take disciplinary ...
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How can NFL legally suspend players for off field actions

This is actually covered by the standard NFL player contract; the wording for this can be found in Appendix A of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, specifically Clause 15 of that contract, "...
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How many yellow cards before player is suspended in Copa del Rey

Accumulating three cautions in the Copa del Rey will see a player suspended for one match. On page 5 of RFEF 2017/18 Circular No 5 [pdf]: Tratándose del Campeonato de España/Copa de S.M el Rey, ...
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Has anyone been suspended for flopping?

According to, you must be charged with flopping 6 times or more to be suspended for flopping. Players will get a warning the first time, then be fined $5,000 for a second violation. The ...
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Why was Messi suspended for 4 games during 2018 world cup qualifications?

Reason behind Messi's suspension as per statement from FIFA is "directing insulting words at an assistant referee". Statement from FIFA: The FIFA Disciplinary Committee – in application of ...
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What happens if a suspended player is used in match and the referee didn't notice

If a suspended player is used, then the team might risk losing the points for that particular match. The match would be counted as a 3-0 victory for the other team. This happened very recently with ...
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When does getting 2 yellow cards in the same match not equal red?

When looking at fouls and penalties, Law 12 of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) - Fouls and Misconduct is the first place to check. And this lists: A player, substitute or ...
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What happens when OJ Mayo's two-year NBA ban expires?

He will return to being a free-agent. He was dismissed from the league in 2016 after a drug violation, which also terminated his contract with the Milwaukee Bucks immediately. If he is to apply for ...
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