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Is there a connection between serious injuries/deaths in boxing and having one's father in one's corner?

In the commentary on the tragic 2005 Leavander Johnson/Jesus Chavez fight, which claimed the life of Leavander Johnson, commentator Jim Lampley said that there are two things that seem to be "constant"...
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What is the most match points saved by a tournament winner?

Recently Martin Kližan won ATP tournament in Rotterdam. On the way to the final he saved 8 match points (5 against Batistuta Agut and 3 against Mahut). What is the record for the most match points ...
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Neutral field advantage for team with more fans in attendance?

In college football, home teams outscore away teams by 3-3.5 points per game according to analysis by Matt Mills at SB Nation. But is the advantage due to the home crowd or something else? It's ...
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Most final appearances without winning a title in one season

Carsten Ramelow, Bernd Schneider and Oliver Neuville lost three finals in 2002: DFB Pokal (2-4 to Schalke 04, with Leverkusen) Champions League (1-2 to Real Madrid, with Leverkusen) FIFA World Cup (0-...
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How to keep an eye on the offside and the ball going out of play

I’m a relatively new assistant referee. How do I keep an eye on both the offside line and whether the ball has gone out of play?
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Is there any link between Scoliosis and sprinting?

The fastest man ever, Usain Bolt, world record holder of the 100 and 200 meter sprints suffers from Scoliosis. This is a condition which causes curvature to the spine. The curvature in his spine has ...
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What are the ingredients in environmentally friendly ski/snowboard wax?

I've recently been interested in learning about the different types of waxes for skis and snowboards, and after reading about the damage that has been done by fluorocarbon wax (and others), I'm ...
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What were the determinant factors in choosing the weight and size of a cricket ball?

What were the determinant factors in restricting the size of a cricket ball to no less than 155.9g and no more than 163g and its circumference to no less than 22.4cm and no more than 22.9cm as ...
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Long legged swing verses "Scrunch and Punch" method in the vault

I pole vaulted in high school and I originally learned to keep a long trail leg throughout the swing and into inversion; however, I've seen many vaulters have quite a bit of success by instead pulling ...
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At the 1912 Olympics pole vault, why were bronze medals awarded when a gold and two silver were also awarded?

At the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, something rather unusual happened with the medals awarded in the men's pole vault competition. Ordinarily when there is a tie for second place, multiple ...
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Why do tennis players blow on their fingers after a point?

It seems common these days for tennis players to blow on their fingertips after winning a point. I've noticed it particularly with the server: they'll do an arm pump with clenched fist then open the ...
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Do longer playoff series (in first to x formats) lead to worse outcomes in subsequent rounds?

In the NHL, it's generally accepted wisdom that if two teams face each other in a playoff round, and one team has played fewer games in the playoffs due to having fewer losses in previous rounds, they'...
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In which Wimbledon womens final or semi-final (we think) late 1970s to early 1980s, did the umpire have problems with his microphone?

My grandfather was a sound engineer at Wimbledon, and my family all remember rushing to look at the TV to see him fixing the umpire's microphone. We're trying to find a recording of this incident, ...
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Ski Length For jumping

I am wanting to get into riding the terrain park, and I was wondering what skis lengths are best for hitting jumps. I've already looked into what the pros and cons for long skis are for normal ...
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Former British colonies and cricket

Some former British colonies, from India to Australia to the nations of the West Indies, have notable cricket teams and a significant number of cricket fans. However, this is not the same everywhere. ...

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