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In contrast with a recent Supreme Court of the United States decision and the silent agreement expressed by the owners of this site by temporarily changing the StackOverflow logo colors to a rainbow, I believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between one man and one woman. No court or legislature on this planet can change that fact.


TecBrat, the frankencoder:

I never expected to be a business owner, but circumstances led me to host and maintain a few websites, so I formed TecBrat.com LLC as a PHP Web Developer and am getting a good start. I'm sure I'll be on SO as much as or more than I was before.

Very little organized training (High School AP class in 1991) but several years of experience hacking together pieces of code.

I greatly appreciate the willingness of the community to help each other improve their coding skills.

Learning JQuery. I am hoping it is a shortcut to learning more JS. So far, I find it helpful and have begun to find extensions / plugins that make it even better.

I joined specifically for PHP programming Q&A, but I found myself much more active on EL&U for a while. I have only my own experience and my highschool education to guide my answers on EL&U.

(I changed the "f" in "frankencoder" to lower case because the proper name apparently belongs to a guy name Phillip, and I wouldn't want someone else calling themselves "TecBrat")

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