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Ivan Gerasimenko
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Test automation engineer working in Moscow government organization. Currently extended automation testing in five different environments:

  • Web-application testing (Java + WebDriver + TestNG + Allure + Maven)
  • HP UFT 14.00 (end-to-end tests integrated with HP ALM and tests are started from uDeploy)
  • Java-tests integrated with uDeploy and Zabbix (jemmy2+TestNG, to perform realtime monitoring of application performance parameters on 12 production servers; smoke tests/build verification tests)
  • Sikuli tests integrated with Zabbix (realtime monitoring of application availability through Citrix & security bridge)
  • SoapUI (web-service testing)

Having backgrounds in front-end (JavaScript, jQuery) & back-end (C#) web-development, database skills with MS SQL. Technologies I am familiar with: JavaScript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, Visual Studio C#, T-SQL, TFS (also Git, SVN).

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