The New England Patriots overcame a 25 point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51. What are the top 5 comebacks in the NFL playoffs history?


Stealing unashamedly from ESPN for the top four:

  1. 32 points: Bills vs Oilers, 1993: Buffalo trailed 35-3, but went on to win 41-38.
  2. 28 points: Colts vs Chiefs, 2014: Colts trailed 38-10, but went on to win 45-44.
  3. 25 points: Patriots vs Falcons, 2017: Patriots trailed 28-3, but went on to win 34-28.
  4. 24 points: 49ers vs Giants, 2003: 49ers trailed 38-14, but went on to win 39-38.
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  1. 20 points (1957): Lions at 49ers, Lions trailed 27-7 in the divisional round but went on to win 31-27.
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