Does FIFA pay for the expenses of a player (flight, etc.) when the national team call the player for a friendly or a competition in FIFA calendar?

Does it depend on the division that such a player is in?

For example, suppose Haiti wants to call some players for a game in the CONCACAF Nation's League, one from France Ligue 1 and others from Spanish Segunda/Segunda B.


Short answer:

FIFA doesn't cover travel or any logistic expenses of international friendly matches, because they are coordinated between corresponding associations.

FIFA covers only travel costs for referees and its own representatives of the qualification games.

FIFA covers part of travel or logistic expenses during final tournaments, e.g. FIFA World Cup.

There's no mention in FIFA regulations about the division of the player in which he plays.

Long answer:

The settlement of the costs of 2 associations playing during qualification phase recommended by FIFA is described in 2018 FIFA World Cup Regulations - Preliminary competition - 27 Financial provisions:

  1. [...] FIFA recommends the following provisions:

a) the visiting association shall cover its delegation’s own international travel costs to the venue or the nearest airport, as well as board, lodging costs and incidental expenses;

b) the host association shall cover domestic transport costs for the entire official delegation of the visiting team depending on flight connections (cf. art. 21 par. 1);

c) the host association shall pay for board and lodging in a high-standard hotel and domestic transport in the host country for the match officials, the FIFA Match Commissioner, the referee assessor and any other FIFA officials (i.e. security officer, media officer etc.);


  1. FIFA shall bear the costs of:

a) international travel and the daily allowances, as fixed by FIFA, for the referees, assistant referees and fourth offi cials;

b) international travel and the daily allowances for the respective FIFA delegation members, as fixed by FIFA.

The settlement of the costs during final competition is described in 2018 FIFA World Cup Regulations - Final competition - 50 Financial provisions:

  1. The participating member associations shall be responsible for and bear the costs of the following:

a) adequate insurance to cover their Team Delegation Members and any other persons carrying out duties on their behalf against all risks, including but not limited to injury, accident, disease and travel in consideration of the applicable FIFA rules or regulations;

b) board and lodging during the final competition, including rental of meeting rooms and audio/visual technical equipment, in excess of the contribution paid by FIFA;

c) costs associated with additional members of the association’s delegation (in excess of the 50 official Team Delegation Members).

  1. The Organising Association shall, in accordance with the HA, organise and bear the costs of all domestic travel (road, rail or air) for each official Team Delegation Member of each participating member association (maximum of 50 people per participating member association), including their equipment (up to a maximum weight to be defi ned by FIFA at a later stage).

  2. FIFA shall bear the costs of the following:

a) a contribution towards the preparation costs incurred by the participating member associations in accordance with a set tariff to be fixed in duecourse by the FIFA Organising Committee;

b) business-class return fl ights for 50 people from each participating member association between a city to be designated by the FIFA Organising Committee and the first point of arrival in the host country. For each delegation’s international air travel to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ FIFA may request the participating member associations to use either (i) the airline notified to the participating member associations as being FIFA’s designated air carrier or (ii) an appropriate network alliance partner of such designated air carrier (if the designated air carrier does not service the international airports of any participating member association). If, contrary to any such request by FIFA, any participating member association elects not to use FIFA’s designated air carrier or an appropriate network alliance partner of such designated air carrier, or if any participating member association elects to charter a private aircraft for the air travel of its delegation, FIFA’s obligation will be limited to the amount FIFA would have incurred had the participating member association used FIFA’s designated air carrier for its delegation’s air travel;

c) a contribution towards the costs of board and lodging for 50 people from each participating member association in accordance with a set tariff to be fixed in due course, starting five days prior to each team’s first match and ending no later than the second day following the team’s elimination. The FIFA Organising Committee shall determine these rates based on an average of the prevailing FIFA World Cup™ sales rates in the official team hotels;

d) prize money for the participating member associations, the amounts of which shall be determined by FIFA;

e) the costs incurred by match offi cials, referee assessors and FIFA Match Commissioners and other members of the FIFA delegation;

f) doping control expenses;

g) the costs of insurance taken out by FIFA to cover its own risks.


  1. Any expenses and costs incurred by a participating member association other than those mentioned in these Regulations shall be borne by the participating member association concerned.
  • World Cup 18 has nothing to do with Concacaf Nations League, since CNL won't even start until after WC18. How does this address the example? – Nij Mar 22 '18 at 23:57
  • I gave a more general answer. The reference to CNL in OP's question was just one example, and sadly CNL didn't even publish tournament regulations. – gdrt Mar 23 '18 at 10:54
  • But the WC is only one competition among many. Where does it address all of the others, CNL being only one example that is not. – Nij Mar 23 '18 at 17:44

It's national federation who payed, but it can be the team of the player with private airplane too

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