There is a football club rankings for almost all the clubs.

Is there a formula for calculating the points for these rankings?

I searched for it but could never find it.

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There is a formula for this club ranking.

A club is given a point each time they win a regular season game in their domestic league or continental club competition such as UEFA Champions League or Copa Libertadores.

A team receives 4 points for a win and 2 points for a draw in the top domestic league, and fewer points for the second, third, and fourth-tier league.

A win in the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores won 14 points and a win in the AFC or CAF Champions League won 12 points. A draw is always half the points of win. A second-tier continental competition gives less points that the top-tier competition.

The full table can be found in the archived version of the original document.

Point table

The original document on the IFFHS website was removed but the archived version exists.

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