There are specific languages official for every sports (i.e. soccer/cricketboxing) / sport events (olympics/world events/continental events)?

I think the mostly used is English, but what about for example South American Games? And other international events?

Is there a rule in this way?

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It depends of the event. For the Olympics, there are two official languages : English and French (which is by its reglementation the most important language of the Olympics). For FIFA, these languages are English, French, but also German and Spanish.

  • It varies a bit by sport (athletics, like the Olympics, operates in English and French). The Olympics do have a third "official" language, which is the language of the host nation.
    – pjmorse
    Commented May 5, 2016 at 13:33

No, there is no general rule. It depends on the sport and the event. For example, the official language of the Lusophony Games is (unsurprisingly!) Portuguese.

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