I'm facing a file with the records from a game (all that happened in the game: kicks, center bounces, handballs, etc.) and I don't understand the difference between "loose ball get" and "loose ball get crumb" (same for "hard ball get" and "hard ball get crumb"). I am not sure whether this is usual terminology or not.

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    Have you read (e.g.) Wikipedia's Glossary of Australian rules football? That doesn't mean we can't answer this question, but it would be good for you to explain what you don't understand from your research. – Philip Kendall Sep 14 '17 at 14:30
  • Yes, most of it but I didn't realised there was an entry for crumb. Thank you. – nessa.gp Sep 15 '17 at 12:55

As @philip-kendall points out in the comments, the answer is in the Wikipedia article Glossary of Australian rules football:

Loose ball get: a disputed ball at ground level not under direct physical pressure that results in an opportunity to record a legal disposal. Counted as a contested possession.

Crumb: a ball that spills loose from a contest. [...]

So basically the difference is where the handball comes from. For example, if it comes from an ineffective kick it would be a loose/hard ball get. If it comes from a contest where none of the players got it, it would be a loose/hard ball get crumb.

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