Can somebody explain to me what an "overflow winger" is?

I read today NKoudou is going on loan to Burnley. Mauricio Pochettino is said to prefer "winger-leaders" like Lamela and Eriksen to "overflow wingers".

The only reference to this term I have found online is when discussion Thierry Henry's previous position at Monaco when he played on the wing.

I guess "overflow-winger" describes a traditional winger, a role taken over by the wing-back in a lot of modern teams (like Tottenham). But I wonder if somebody out there knows for sure.

NKoudou to go on loan to Burnley


The term originates from French ("ailier de débordement") and got probably translated badly in the process.

If my French isn't too rusty you're right and it's just a term for a traditional Winger who's main purpose is to overrun and escape the defenders (not "overflow" them). (See this article)

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