After losing game 3 of the 2019-20 NBA finals, the Los Angeles Lakers lead the Miami Heat 2-1 in the series. The Lakers got to the finals after beating the Portland Blazers, the Houston Rockets, and the Denver Nuggets in the first three rounds of the playoffs with a score of 4-1 in each of those series. The Lakers are now 2 wins away from winning the championship and winning all series 4-1. (Note that the Lakers ended up winning the series 4-2 and didn't achieve this feat).

Since the NHL and the NBA playoffs have been played a best of 7 series on all rounds, has there ever been a team winning all rounds with the exact same score?

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The NHL has been hosting best of 7 playoff rounds since the 1986-87 season. Looking at Hockey Reference there has been no Stanley Cup champion winning all rounds with the same score.

The NBA has been hosting best of 7 playoff rounds 2002-03 season where the San Antonio Spurs on that year became the first and only NBA team to to this date winning all series with the same record.


Absolutely. One example is the 2002-03 San Antonio Spurs, who won all four series they played 4 games to 2.

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