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Questions about amateur status.

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Is this a Little League balk?

My friend is a Little League coach. His team was in the field. There was a runner on third. The pitcher intentionally did not step on the rubber. He then faked a pitch to home and threw the runner ...
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Which NBA players have won a high school, NCAA and NBA title?

I am trying to figure out which NBA players have won a high school title (any kind), NCAA title and NBA title. I think there are 9 or 10; I know the list includes Magic Johnson and Jerry Lucas, but I ...
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7 votes
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Can a basketball player play in college after playing in the NBA?

If an NBA player never played at the collegiate level, can he ever play for an NCAA Division 1 team? Thinking about LeBron, Kobe, Kevin Garnett, etc. Surely the NCAA prevents anyone with active ...
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Fair system to score players between friend games

We play football/soccer between our group of friends, but often some of them can't play, so the teams vary every week. My teammate this week can be my opponent next week. We're starting a sort of ...
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What is the procedure to play (amateur) football for a foreign club?

Currently, I am a football player for a Dutch amateur club. This summer, I might move abroad and for sure I want to keep playing football. What is the formal procedure to be eligible for, say an ...
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