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For questions generally relating to the sport of competitive wrestling, including Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Scholastic wrestling. For professional wrestling, a choreographed illustration of a combat sport for entertainment purposes, use the [pro-wrestling] tag.

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Are there any cases when a significantly smaller person won against a heavier opponent in combat sports? [closed]

In combat sports being heavier is, in and of itself, considered a significant advantage. Therefore, a smaller fighter can usually only win against a heavier opponent if the fight is otherwise biased ...
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Why do boxers/fighters oftentimes spin around each other in the ring?

Boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc. - in many different types of 1v1 matches, many fighters will sort of 'orbit' around each other throughout the match regardless of fighting type. Why do fighters do this? ...
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Why do women walk around wearing bikinis in UFC conferences and during fights?

During face-offs, conferences and during fights in UFC (and sometimes even in wrestling or boxing matches), it's often noticed that women walk around wearing bikinis around the octagon. Why is this ...
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Is there Intergender wrestling at the college level?

Is there intergender wrestling at the college level? Who usually wins, men or women?
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Why is Olympic freestyle wrestling completed in a single day?

Many sports in the Olympics have their games spread across one or even two weeks. But all matches in the wrestling tournament are completed within a single day. This would lead to more tired athletes ...
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Are there any legitimate (non-worked) professional wrestling leagues?

While checking out the site's policy on pro wrestling, I came across a meta discussion on the topic. These days, the term "professional wrestling" is almost always associated with the worked sport, ...
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In wrestling, how is scoring measured?

In wrestling, whether it be at the collegiate (collegiate wrestling) or high school (scholastic wrestling) level, how is wrestling scored on a per match in addition to a team basis?
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What was the motivation behind the removal of wrestling from the Olympics?

I wonder why wrestling was removed from the Olympics without any public discussion. I do not follow wrestling on a regular basis but considering that it has been one of the oldest sports in the world ...
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