Which player has scored the greatest number of own goals in the top five European Leagues (as measured by UEFA coefficient: La Liga, Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1)?

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For the Premier League it is Richard Dunne Source

For the Bundesliga there are two players who are tied: Manfred Kaltz & Nikolce Noveski Source from the Bundesliga Website

For La Liga the top own goal scorer is Fernando Caceres La Liga Source

In Serie A there are two players who are tied with 8 own goals: Riccardo Ferrari and Franco Baresi Source for Serie A

In Ligue 1 there are a couple of players who are tied for being #1 in own goals. Here are some: Aly Cissokho, Anthony Weber, Damien Da Silva all with 4 own goals. Source for Ligue 1

If you are looking who the Top Own goal scorer is between these 5 leagues, it would be Richard Dunne with 10 own goals.

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    It would be helpful if you also mentioned how many own golas scored every player you named. Oct 23, 2018 at 7:24

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