When I designate the pocket I'm putting the 8-ball and I am successful and then follow it in with the cue ball - do I still win?

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According to Wikipedia, a player will win if

The opposing player commits any foul, including scratching the cue ball into a pocket, or knocking it off the table, in the course of a shot that pockets the 8 ball

Therefore, you would lose because you scratch the cue ball into the pocket while pocketing the 8 ball.

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In one shot pool, played with 2 1/4 inch balls on American type square pocketed pool table, the rule is: re-spot the black and incoming player has ball in hand that to say "put anywhere on the table" with one shot only.

When playing European/UK/Australia/South Africa "2 shot pool" on basically a mini snooker table with a rounded shape to the pockets, often times played with reds and yellow balls, the rule is: loss of game on any foul whilst potting the black ball.


IBA rules : loss of game

A shooter loses the game if he commits any of the following infractions:


  1. Cue ball scratches or is a “jumped ball” while shooting the 8-ball.

UPA Tour rules : loss of game

7.2 Scratch

Pocketing the cue ball or driving it off the table is a ball in hand foul. Scratching on the 8-ball is not a loss of game as long as the 8-ball was not pocketed.

APA rules : loss of game




e. Your opponent fouls the cue ball and pockets the 8-ball.

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