In football, some teams always send the ball to near post when they got a corner kick and they fail to score. I wonder why don't they try back post, or short corner kick.

  • you should narrow your question a lot more to come with a good answer. Any team could do anything they want with a corner kick, and the reasons to do that could be a lot. it can happen that they don't have a kicker that can kick that far away (?)
    – gbianchi
    Commented Apr 9, 2015 at 18:07

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Short Corner kick

This is most of the time the option chosen if they have no real player who can head the ball in.

Corner kick to back post

This one is the most trickiest of the options I would say. Giving a good ball to the furtest goal post can be difficult. It all has to be (fairly)good: speed, height, direction are very important. 5cm too high and it's a bad kick, too low, too close to the goalkeeper, too slow, bad kick. Good height and speed but wrong direction, bad kick. No matter how good a player's shooting, it's still tricky and offcourse highly dependable on how players run and are allowed to run by their defender.

Corner kick to nearest post

This gives you a bit more options, you can pass the ball back, head it trough, take a shot/header at goal. Here a good kick is also important but if things go wrong there are some things to fall back on which are less possible with a kick to the furthest post. You also don't need the biggest players to manage a header there. A defender will most likely remain behind the player which gives him a better chance than heading for a kick going further in. A bad

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